It's been a busy year! When we weren't out in the bee yards cracking hives we were working on creating the sweetest website to fulfill all your honey needs.

We're almost there, but until the site launch, feel free to give us a buzz at 719 | 539 | 3443. We'll happily ship your honey to your front door or as a gift to your friends, family, teachers or even the hot postal worker delivering your mail!

We also have wonderful beeswax candles, specialty and beauty products so please inquire when you call.

Pure Colorado Honey

Raw Filtered

Sample Jar
1.8 oz

Glass Jars
8 oz
16 oz
32 oz

Plastic Jars
1 lb Flip Top
3 lb Flip Top

5 lb Pail
½ Gal
1 Gal

Pure Honey

Our California Orange Blossom honey and honey from other friendly beekeepers.

call for sizes and availability

Creamed Honey

Creamed to perfection in Montana from our Crystallized white clover honey

Glass Jars
8 oz - 7.65
11.5 oz - 10.65

Plastic Jars
12 oz - 7.85

Plastic jars available in Cinnamon, Clover, Lemon and Peanut Butter

Raw Honey

Raw Unfiltered

limited availability

Honey Comb

limited availability


3.4 oz - 6.85
8 oz - 10.00

Honey Pearls

8 oz - 15.00

Honey Stix

Blackberry  BuckWheat  Cinnamon
Clover  Ginger Spice  Habanero
Lemon  Mint
Mystery Mix Beekeeper's Choice
Orange Blossom  Vanilla Chai Spice

Honey Stirrers

Sweet natural goodness, this is the perfect treat for little ones. No Drip, no mess, just pure honey sweetness!

For your Tea Party or a special afternoon coffee treat... serve as the spoon! Stir in honey goodness!


2.50 each

Honey Candies

Honey  Apple
Pomegranate  Lemon

Bag of 13 - 3.00

Honey Caramels

Honey  Cinnamon  Honey Pecan
Mix of all 4 flavors

Bag of 13 - 3.00